Strategic and Corporate Planning

Fundamental to the success of any business is clarity on vision, direction, expectations, and priorities.

Future-proof your Council with strategic planning

We have developed many community strategic plans, and numerous corporate/strategic plans, for councils and corporations, and we have assisted executive teams in developing their organisation strategic plans and priorities. We have a strong commitment to facilitating strategic documents and frameworks that drive decision-making and are implemented on the ground.

Section 333 of the Local Government Act requires each Council to redetermine its organisation structure in the first 12 months of the new term.

We have a real expertise in conducting and facilitating community workshops, leading to the development of community strategies, which the Council can build into a draft community strategic plan.

We enjoy working with executive leadership teams to review and develop organisation strategies and to evaluate the organisation priorities in the use of scarce resources.

We also have an expertise in the conduct of best-value service reviews, using the best-value methodology made popular in the UK, NZ, and here in Victoria.

We conduct benchmarking exercises to compare the performance of specific services and to compare organisational performance against similar organisations, identifying best practices for your internal services and operations.

Whether assisting with developing community strategic plans or organisation strategies, we have the skills and abilities to assist Council.

Contact us to find out how we can help you to unpeel the best strategic plan for your community and organisation or service-level reviews for your Council.

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