Organisational and Structure Reviews

Do you know if your organisation is realising its potential?

When you’re close to the organisation or working on the inside, it’s sometimes difficult to see what you could be doing better or differently.

Our skilled team can provide an initial overview of your operational performance using key indicators, and we can workshop with executive teams to identify key priorities. We can conduct a comprehensive organisational review to examine, in detail, your strategy, structure, and culture. We also conduct individual service reviews using a best-value methodology.

We gain an understanding of the key job activities, the strategic and cultural environment, service levels, staffing challenges and future sustainability of your Council then spend time comparing the structures of similar councils to compare budgets, staffing levels and service profiles and appreciating the organisation’s appetite for change.

Working with the Mayor, Councillors, leadership and management teams, we discuss emerging issues and then determine whether your organisation has a focus on performance, customers, efficiency and how open your team is to implementing solutions, such as shared services or outsourcing.

The goal is to ensure structure follows strategy. We are also expert in undertaking organisation structure reviews. We ensure we get clarity on why structure change is needed, what parameters are set and what outcomes are expected. We then use our extensive experience and knowledge to present options and recommend actions.