Leadership & Culture Building

Whole of council, team and individual leadership and culture building, one on one coaching and mentoring, team uplifting programs and performance management.

Leadership and Culture Development is central to our core business

Our expertise covers all aspects of leadership and culture building.

Leadership and Culture building programs

We have a real passion and strong belief in the power and importance of quality leadership, and strongly believe that leadership is the major determinant of culture. We can introduce Whole of Council, team, and/or individual leadership and culture building programs. Ideally, these start at the top with the executive team. We are also strong believers that a bottom-up approach involving leadership and culture awareness amongst staff and their role in this is important. We can draft and undertake staff surveys and help the executive team develop action plans in response to survey results.

Executive Team Workshops

An effective executive leadership team requires talented individuals with a real sense of cohesiveness. We provide strategies and best practice tips on how to improve relationships within and across your executive or management team. We also utilise Hogan Personality assessments and Hogan 360 reviews to help team members gain a greater self-awareness of their leadership style and those of their colleagues to help deliver high performance.

Coaching and mentoring

Increasingly, business leaders are using the related concepts of coaching and mentoring to markedly improve performance and business outcomes. These powerful personal development programs are designed to assist individuals and teams to grow, both professionally and personally, and to maximise their true potential.

Induction And Training

Councillors, CEOs/GMs and senior staff will benefit from undertaking our formal induction and/or training services to equip them with the information, knowledge, and skills required to perform their roles confidently and effectively.

Performance Management

Managing performance is at the heart of leadership, ensuring community needs are met by setting clear goals and then delivering through performance-measured monitoring. Performance management operates at three levels: Council-wide, Departmentally, and Individually.

Leadership Awareness Programs

We use Hogan personality profiling of team members, individual feedback to participants on the results and facilitation of a Team Workshop to enable a greater understanding of each other and to examine opportunities to further develop a high performing team.

The objective of the program we design is for participants to gain an understanding of how they may be seen by others, to appreciate their current leadership style, to value the strengths which drive their leadership, to gain a self-awareness of the opportunities to be a more effective leader, and to work together more effectively as a high performing team. When individual Hogan Assessment reports are used together in a team scenario we are able to evaluate the strengths of the team, the type of environment and culture created, and where there may be gaps or adverse consequences due to the way the team currently operates. This provides the vehicle for a discussion around individual and team behaviours and what the effects these have on team and organisational outcomes.

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