Councillor Induction, Training & Development

A highly performing Council with a skilled and knowledgeable councillor team working together to achieve agreed outcomes is the cornerstone to local government success.

An effective leadership team will ensure the successes of any organisation.

Councillors will benefit from undertaking our formal induction and/or training services to equip them with the information, knowledge, and skills required to perform their elected roles confidently and effectively.

Our approach

We make our workshops interactive, fun and friendly – participants are encouraged to ask questions and gain knowledge to make their entry (or re entry) to local government life as comfortable as possible.  

We have significant experience in the conduct of such workshops – both during our time in local government executive roles, and in the last election cycles where we conducted workshops for numerous Councils. 

For NSW our work is guided by the Office of Local Government  publication “Councillor Induction and Professional Development Guidelines” released in December 2018 and the Regulations made in support of this initiative.

Among our clients